Yoga Therapy Programs

Blending the therapeutic applications of anatomy, biomechanics and yoga to help you and your clients
reduce and eradicate physical pain.

Our programs are for yoga teachers, yoga therapists or occupational therapists, and massage therapists looking to integrate yoga and biomechanics for their practice, clients and patients.

Our programs are accredited with the IAYT and NCBTMB and we are actively applying to other organizations for accredited status.

Current Feature Program

Yoga and Osteoporosis - Live Training Program August 8th - September 3, 2024

A 5-week online embodied experience for yoga teachers and health professionals who want to safely move clients with Osteoporosis from fragile to confident and grounded.

Yoga & Osteoporosis is for yoga teachers, yoga therapists and movement professionals who are eager to learn new techniques, backed by science and experience, reduce their fear and grow their confidence in helping people with Osteoporosis feel better in a safe, supportive way.

Through this embodied experience, you will get a whole body-mind approach to connecting with clients with Osteoporosis in a safe and effective way.

'Power Of' Workshops

Pain is not always where the problem is, and the Power Of Workshops prove this to be true! In this 1-hour trainings, you will learn how the body is connected in weird and interesting ways. From the connection of the tongue and pelvic floor to the armpits connected to the hips – there’s much to explore with these quick but powerful workshops.

Power of Pure Movement Training Series

The Power of Pure Movement trainings range from 2-hours to 6-hours and illustrate how much can change when neuromuscular patterns are improved. Through Susi’s guidance, you will recognize why persistent pain is persistent and you’ll learn unique approaches to facilitate change and healing. Be ready to explore your movement, your breath, your compensation patterns, and holding/gripping patterns. Be ready to dive in and facilitate change for yourself and learn how to do it for your clients too.

Professional Training Programs

Healing In Synergy 90 Day Program

Healing in Synergy addresses the core gaps in knowledge that many teachers feel following their 200 and 500-hour teacher training. If you are a teacher who wants a more therapeutic focus, and/or a health professional who wants to integrate yoga into their professional practice, this program will fill gaps, grow your skill and uplevel your results.

In this 12-week program, you will:

✓ Grow your confidence with applying anatomy and biomechanics therapeutically.
✓ Improve your ability to “see” compensatory movement and also describe what you see in a nurturing and supportive way so that change becomes easy for your clients/students.
✓ Understand what really gets in the way of helping clients heal and what you can do to connect with your clients to develop trusting, heart felt relationships.
✓ Build your client/student base sustainably, in a way that honours you, your schedule, and your deep desire for serving others – without burnout and a lot more ease.

Therapeutic Yoga Intensive™

Get results consistently. Feel fulfilled and with purpose.

You want to be a really good and effective Yoga Therapist.
And you know that the relationship between you and your primary teacher is vital to your success.
You want someone who is more than knowledgeable and experienced.
You want a teacher who has a good mix science/evidence/results and who honours the amazing mystery of healing (that science has yet to prove).
Someone who is equal parts supportive and still will push you in the direction you want to go.
Someone who practices what she preaches because it comes through in her teaching.Because at your core, you fundamentally believe that people can recover from pain and other symptoms.
You know the link between their mental — emotional — physical health. You want to help people tap into this as an integrative whole.

This program is Step 1 of the Yoga Therapy Certification Program and the first step towards your deepest, most hear-felt desire.

IAYT Accredited Yoga Therapy Certification Program

Harness the intelligence of your body and the knowing in your heart to confidently support yourself and your clients to heal.

My highly successful IAYT accredited Yoga Therapy program teaches you the two key skills to thrive as a yoga therapist… how to facilitate great results with clients, and how to run a business.

If you are a yoga teacher, massage therapist, or occupational therapist who wants to grow their client base with solid therapeutic skills, then you need to sign up.  With an excellent combination of technical skill and business intelligence, this program sets you up for success – before you graduate.  Many of our trainees pay off their fee within 9 months (before they graduate) – and graduate with fully booked case loads….. because they know the two fundamental skills – amazing technical skill, and business intelligence.